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Are Online Aptitude tests right for me?

Let’s agree that we all define our lives by what we do professionally on many occasions, and for many it is somehow a major predictor of happiness. With the slowing employment rates, economic slogging and surplus of career opportunities, students and graduates need a career psychologist and career  counselling much more than their previous generations.

The good side is that finding a career psychologist is no more a hard task anymore, but what is concerning are the limited choices, mostly in small towns of India. Appreciatively, there are psychometricians and career psychologists, who offer online career tests, and if you are wondering whether these online tests are worth the time, check this guide to know more.

Quick Guide to Available Online Career Tests

Today, online career counselling is the next big thing because best and trusted psychologists and experts are just a few clicks away. While they will offer you your personal analysis, but they do start with a plethora of exceptionally designed online career tests.  Some tests are designed for self-discovery, while others are planned for information gathering. The analysis of these tests directs a career psychologist to derive a candidate’s career path.

However, please note that no aptitude test ever works as a decisive factor of educational pathways. A crucial element to understand about seeking guidance from a career psychologist is his/her abilities, somebody who does not offer “fast food” answers. Professional career coaches never claim magic with career tests, and each test is only designed to evaluate a certain set of elements, viz. interest, aptitudes and personality. It is important to understand that the integration of these independent factors together provide an indication of what are the available career options for the candidate. This helps an individual to make an informed career decision, and ensures that the candidate neither leaves his/her career to chance, nor chooses a career path under the influence of family, friends or media.

Why career psychologists will always matter?

If you think that just one test will tell you how to choose a career, the concept has already gone wrong. There are coaches and experts, who like to describe these tests as standard tools to understand a student’s mind. Since, online counselling limits the personal touch, the standardization of these tests only opens up certain things for the analysts. No career assessment test is ever absolute or in line with answers, without interpretation and guidance of a career coach.

How to start with Online Career Tests?

When you need Career Path finder, it’s best to start by talking to an experienced psychologist, who will often give you a series of tests, which will define and underline many things. Some tests are indicative of career interests, while some talk of the courses of study. There are exclusive tests on your personality and how the same can work for available career choices. Some tests are just designed as tools for self-unearthing, where you dilute the confusions and create your own world of confident steps.

Many of these tests come for free on many sites, but more than often, the results don’t yield any value, unless a professional has assessed the same. As such, it’s advisable not to start blindly with tests, but rather seek guided advice.

In India, there are career psychologists in Mumbai, Delhi and large metropolitan cities, who have worked extensively on designing career tests. Even if you cannot visit the centres, you can get these tests on the web along with counselling from an expert in real time. Of course, your psychologist will tell you the things you must know, but at the end of the day, the final choice is yours to make.

With the right career guidance right in college or after graduation, the task of making a career doesn’t seem to be that convoluted. It’s the confidence you gain during this discovery that steers the path ahead.

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