Doing what you love is the freedom, correct career guidance gives you

Doing what you love is freedom, and loving what you do is happiness

If you are doing your job just because you have to and waiting for the weekend to arrive sooner, you are no better than a prisoner waiting for his release. There is no freedom, no peace of mind and no motivation for doing work when you do not enjoy what you are doing. Look at how doctors work every day putting a smile on the face of the patients and their family members, or a cricket coach working every day to make his team stronger and bringing out the best out of his team members, or even an athlete working day in and day out to achieve his dreams. The reason why they can do it while others complain about their jobs is that they love and enjoy what they do and they find happiness through it.

Take for example a student who loves to play video games. When he is playing a game, the difficult the level gets, the more enjoyment and happiness he derives after completing that level and always stays excited and eager for the next level. Similarly, when a student starts loving a subject, he loves to learn new things, challenge his understanding and achieve new goals. The same is true for any job even in professional life. It is just because we do not have passion and interest for the job we are doing at present, we get mentally fatigued, and as the level of difficulty increases, we stress ourselves out.

When you put a person who is more of a manager than an engineer into technical works, he would feel congested, and his work output would be the lowest. He would wish he could get out of this job and do what he likes though he could not because that would be risky and unwise. He won’t be able to solve assignments in time, take a lot of breaks and be absent from his work. On the other hand, when you put him in a managerial position, he won’t hesitate to invest extra time to do his job, and suddenly, he would become an extraordinary employee from a below-average worker. The reason is simple, as doing what you love is freedom, and when you feel this freedom within you, your mind and body work in coordination. You can then have the super concentration to overcome challenges and difficulties like a professional when most of your peers who are working forcefully would be spell-bound by your performance. Apart from intelligence and aptitude, this is one of the biggest reasons why some people excel at their work while others don’t.

People say that work can never bring happiness as long as the pay is not high enough. But with big pay comes big responsibility and there would be times when you would feel like you should quit and give up everything in your life and just be at some place where you can be happy and live peacefully without worrying about anything. Money cannot buy happiness and action can. If you get involved in something that you are really passionate about and even when you do not get paid high enough, deep down you will be happy even when your friends are getting paid big for doing jobs that they never enjoy doing.

Therefore, it is up to the parents to allow their children to grow up naturally without forcing them to adapt to certain lifestyle just because everyone is following the same and ultimately becoming miserable in life. Your greatest gift for your children would be something that would give them happiness. Invest your time helping your children spot their talent, interest, and passion and encourage them to pursue the same in school, college and whatever they do. Give them the ultimate freedom by letting them do the work they love, and happiness would be a natural outcome.

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