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Importance of friends, in building your career.


“A good friend can make a bad career, good. A bad friend can make a good career, bad.”

– Anonymous

This quote aptly summarises, the importance friends play in shaping our careers, for it is them who we rely on the most to guide us whenever in doubt. It could be matters related to love (mostly) and family or the boss who is constantly, troubling us; best friends know how to handle them all and more, by giving us the best advice for the same. Great friendships last a lifetime, no matter what they go through since they are built on the premise of trust and love. We look at the important role friends can play in building our career and giving us the best possible career guidance ever.

A best friend knows you the best

A best friend is someone, who has been with you through all the up’s and downs in your life and knows how you react to certain situations. This is an important sign of your temperament and your approach towards handling and managing any crisis you may face. As such, he could perfectly advise you on how you would react to any professional situation in your field and whether you will be able to handle it efficiently and as required.

Sometimes, we may not be able to understand our own strengths, due to which we may be unsure of following up a job opportunity that arises, confidently enough. This is where best friends play an important role since they know our strengths and weakness well. Based on it, they can definitely advise us on whether a job in sales, working in the field would suit us better or would we better placed in an indoor office job.

A best friend can guide you on what is right

Almost everyone faces a situation in his career, wherein the shortest way to achieve one’s goal seems to be the best, no matter if it is morally and ethically wrong. Unfortunately, these shortcuts prove very costly in the long run and can sometimes cause a serious damage to our career. Giving the right and correct advice, before we take our first step towards this damaging path is something only a friend can do since he always has only our best interests at heart.

Best friends are forever, just as a good career is.

Selecting a career path needs to be done carefully since it is something that will remain with us throughout our lifetime, just like a good friend. One way to do this is to seek professional career guidance since this will help us understand our strengths better and capitalize on them. Just as a good friendship, a career to needs to be nurtured carefully and given enough time to develop into a long lasting relationship, that we would love all our lives.

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