Choose your dream career, and success will chase you throughout your life!

In today’s world, the level of stress is increasingly growing for every professional employee.  Any idea why?

The never-ending workload! In fact not just workload, the problem lies somewhere deeper, and research has shown that when you do any task that you do not enjoy doing, you are sure to get fatigued and stressed after a certain point. If you continue doing that same task just because you need to, you are only going to exaggerate your stress and eventually break down at some point.

So the question arises why does someone choose, to do a job that he does not like in the very first place?

The answer to this critical question lies in the education system and the mindset of the society.  Let’s take a look at your life. When you are in school, you just keep on studying the present subjects some of which will have zero utility in your future life. Isn’t it? There are no sure set of methods in the current education system to find out the interest of individual students and encourage them to improve their skills in their fields of interest and pursue the same in future. So the responsibility goes to the school teachers to spot the talents, interests, and passions of their students at an early age. But neither do they, nor the schools have any method to find that out. They are occupied in teaching the mechanical lessons and completing the syllabus for scoring good marks in the exams.

For example, a student doing well in physics may instead be encouraged for merely learning all chapters and taking the test but his passion for physics doesn’t get acknowledged.

Subsequently, after passing school exams, a student goes to a college. By this time, a student is assumed to have a complete knowledge about his passion and the stream he should be choosing to pursue his passion and ultimately get a job that he would enjoy doing. But this is not the case in reality; often students are clueless and have to succumb to the ideas of parents who are influenced by the existing mindset of the society.  For example, a child’s passion for art and design gets neglected and parents would literally force their child to take science and become an engineer in a field that has more career opportunities.  So, instead of going for a career counseling session where the true interest of a student can be spotted and receive guidance for following their real passion, they are at times falsely directed by various sources such as parents’ opinions.

A student persuaded to follow unfit recommendations by parents and other sources, takes admission in those colleges and once they graduate, they go for the job in the fields of study, or else they opt for something else just to get a job. The difference between student life and job life is a gap between two cliffs. It is but under the work pressure in a particular field when a student-turned- professional realizes his mistakes. When he lacks interest in a certain field, he is less motivated to explore and learn which leads him to perform unsatisfactorily at work. He may discover his true interest but it would be too late because giving up the job and pursuing passion at such a vulnerable point in his career is not an option anymore.

When you choose a job you love, you can never give up on it. For example, you may love writing poems and stories since school days, and can sit and write poems and stories for hours, then a career of a creative content writer can be the best suited for you. As a matter of fact, you would love challenges and the happiness of overcoming critical problems more than anything else in your life. Once you unconsciously get into that mentality, your professional life would simply be an upgrade of what you were in your school and college days.

Some people complain that the job one would love to do may not yield good enough money and money is important in life. But in this world of digitization where new businesses and start-ups are coming up every day and flourishing like never before, you can literally follow your dream career and make it big in life. It could be your passion for photography, music, sports, electronics, video making or anything and there would always be a way to maximize it in your life and be a career that you love. You will truly live your life rather than wasting it working in something you were never meant for.

My Disha is a career guidance counselling platform, that helps you select the right career. Check out our other blog post on doing what you love, in your career.

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