Careers in the medical field – Part 2, Pathologists & Medical Representative’s

The medical profession works with the singular goal of healthier and better quality of life for all living beings at affordable costs. It achieves this by ensuring a better understanding of diseases and various illnesses and practicing timely and appropriate treatment of the same. What most of the patients only see and interact with is the front face of the medical field, who are the doctors and nurses. While there are actually many more people at the backend who too are a part of the patients treatment process. MyDisha, shares a few of the career opportunities available in these equally important roles in the medical field.

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One of the most important departments in any hospital or clinic, the pathology lab helps doctors conduct and analyze varied tests, to understand the problems faced by the patient. Their reports help doctors diagnose the illness and suggest the best form of treatment to cure the same. The key role in the pathology lab is that of the lab technician who collects the required samples from the patients and conducts the tests as required on them. Lab technicians too have different specialties such as Blood tests, Tissue sampling, Radiology etc.

A number of medical colleges and universities offer courses in pathology. Most of them generally conduct courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels. At the plus-two level you must have physics, chemistry and biology and then apply for UG courses. After MBBS, you do MD or DNB – both of three years’ duration – and then become a pathologist.

After completing your studies in pathology, you can work in any pathology lab as a technician, while those who have done an MD in Pathology, can look forward to joining as a consultant in any of the big hospitals in the city.

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can also start their own pathology and testing labs, while those with an interest in research and development can be a part of the R&D teams with the pharmaceutical companies.

Medical Representative

If you are interested in sales as well as the world of medicine, then a career as a MR (Medical Representative) is ideal for you. MR’s are usually hired by the pharmaceutical and drug companies to inform doctors about the latest medicines available for varied ailments, so that they may prescribe the same to their patients. MR’s are usually assigned a particular territory and a set of drugs they need to promote to all the doctors within that area.

Being an MR requires a lot of patience, since they may often need to wait for long periods of time till the doctor is free enough to see them. It may also entail to keeping odd working hours based on the doctor’s schedules and availability.

Graduates in B. Pharma are usually preferred for MR roles. The career path of a MR offers good scope for growth as a Territory and Sales Manager, depending on your performance with any of the multinational companies both in India and abroad.

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