Careers options in the Medical Field

Careers in the medical field – Part 1, Doctors & Nurses

Doctors along with engineers are some of the more popular career options for students both in India and abroad. The image of the doctor in a white coat is the inspiration for many students, who want to serve their fellow beings and country, while at the same time being acknowledged for their contribution to the betterment of life. Today, thanks to the latest research and development of treatment techniques, supported by a better understanding of human life, the career options in the medical field, available for today’s students are much more than just being a doctor. MyDisha, shares a few of the career opportunities available in different roles and segments, for students wishing to pursue the medical field.

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A profession in the medical field can actually be divided into two segments, one wherein you are directly involved with the care and treatment of people & animals and another where you provide all the support services, which are equally important as a part of the treatment. In this article we look at some of the career options, wherein you are in direct contact with the patient.


The first and most preferred, choice for many of the students considering a career in the medial field. Doctors are one of the important lifelines of the nation and very important for the wellbeing of its citizens. Students, who want to become a doctor, need to complete a four & half years MBBS studies course, followed by a year of internship and 2-3 years of training with a senior doctor before they can start practicing on their own. Within the doctor’s domain, there are many streams that they can practice in such as General Physicians, Surgeons, and Specialists. Students can also look up opportunities in the fields of Ayurvedic treatments and even veterinary care which deals with the treatment of animals.

Many doctor aspirants usually complete their graduation in the initial medical studies and then opt for further studies which could range from 2 to 5 years in the areas they want to specialize in such as Cardiology, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Radiology, Surgery etc.

Once you complete your medical studies and specialization, one can either join a super specialty hospital on a full or part time basis or setup their own independent practice if they desire so.

The first step to become a Doctor is to finish your Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) or 10+2 tests and get at least 60 percent in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in the science stream. The next step is to appear and pass in the common medical entrance exams such as NEET which are highly competitive and are held at a national and state level in the months of May and June.


If there’s something, that doctors depend on 200% to treat their patients then it has to be the nurses. These angels in white are known for their selfless and tireless services in the care of the patients and helping them get better.

Nursing is a good career option for those people, especially females who love working with people and taking care of them. It also offers immense potential for growth in the varied medical fields, both in India and abroad. Well qualified and skilled nurses are always in demand at many of the big and prestigious hospitals throughout the country, both for care of the patients as well as in managing administrative duties.

To become a nurse, one would need to be recognized by the INC (Indian Nursing Council) which is the accreditation and recognition body for nursing education in India. There are many Diploma Courses, UG Degree Courses, PG Degree Courses and Philosophy and Doctoral Courses available, for those who opt for a career in the field of nursing. Some of the private hospitals also offer certificate courses in nursing ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

On completing one’s studies, one can join any of the private or government hospitals or even work independently taking care of individual patients, as and when required.

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