Career as a dietitian

Careers in the medical field – Part 3, Dietitians & Physiotherapists

The medical field also offers many different and interesting career options, wherein you can actually help a patient live better and in a more healthy way. Not all ailments require only medicine for their treatment. Some of them, also depend upon a proper diet and exercise regime to ensure a speedy and health recovery. Two such career options are those of a Dietitian and a Physiotherapist, which help a patient recover and become stronger, long after his illness or injury has been cured. They are the people who slowly help their patients get back to leading a normal and healthy life. MyDisha, shares details of the career opportunities available as a Dietitian and a Physiotherapist.

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The important role a proper and balanced diet, plays in our lives is a well-recognized and accepted fact all over the world. It especially becomes more important, when we are ill or down with some injury, so as to help with the recovery process. This is where a dietitian plays a very crucial role, since they are able to prescribe the best diet to be followed during the treatment we are undergoing, for a particular illness or injury.

Apart from medical care, dietitians are also able to recommend the best diet to be followed for those with lifestyle related ailments and even weight related issues. Their in-depth knowledge of various food groups and their benefits can also help boost the performances of sportsmen and athletes and ensure they get the nutrition they require.

Thanks to growing awareness on the advantages of having a healthy lifestyle, dietitians have many career opportunities available to them. Today, they are one of the most sought after professionals by hospitals, gyms & wellness centers, weight loss clinics, schools & colleges and even corporates as a health consultant for their employees. Dietitians can also work independently as consultants, offering their services to individuals or institutions as required.

Studies in nutrition and diet planning can be done either at the graduate or post graduate level through any of the universities and hotel and catering management colleges across the country.


Some people lose control or face restricted movements of their body limbs after a severe illness or injury. Restoring this movement and facilitating the normal movement of these limbs is what physiotherapists specialize in and are trained to do. It requires carefull guidance and movement of the limbs on their part, through specially designed exercises and repeat movements of the same. The important role they play in the rehabilitation of patients, along with the patience required to do the same makes this a very specialized profession.

Their specialities are usually in the areas of treating the fracture of bones, sprain, neurological disorders caused by trauma, infection, paralysis etc. Therapeutic agents like heat, radiation, electricity, water, massage and exercise to cure weak muscles and restore joint movements, are the techniques used by physiotherapists across the world.

Physiotherapists can work as a part of multi-specialty hospitals and rehabilitation centers, or even setup their own independent and professional practice.

Universities and medical institutes offer Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Physiotherapy, for those interested in it as a career option. While the diploma course is of 3 years duration, the Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy (BPT) is a 4 and half year undergraduate program with 6 months of mandatory clinical internship. It is designed to help the students understand the human body, along with training in therapy. The final phase of the course gives the students exposure to real clinical practice.

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