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Careers in the Aviation Industry – Airline Pilot

Many students nowadays like to prepare for their careers well in advance, due to high competition for the limited number of seats available, to pursue studies in the career of their choice. Additionally, knowing and understanding the eligibility requirements to gain admission in the institute they want to join, will help them prepare for it and ensure they qualify for it. Students looking for a rewarding and challenging profession, should look at careers in the aviation industry, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in India today.

The aviation industry offers some very interesting and challenging opportunities based on one’s personality, interest and aptitude which one can easily assess by undergoing a professional career guidance test. Based on the results one can ascertain if one will perform really well in his chosen field or whether one should consider other options.

Become a pilot if the “Skies are your calling”

While looking at career options in the aviation industry, let’s start right from the top, literally. Every student can be, one among those who flies in the clouds by becoming a pilot with either a commercial airlines or the air force. Not only does this career path promise a highly rewarding and challenging career, but also an opportunity to see the world as they fly from one destination to another. It is definitely one of the most glamorous and high profile professions in today’s world and provides ample rewards to those who have the dedication and patience to become one.

Becoming a commercial pilot requires, around 250 hours of flying time and intensive training and learning sessions, which includes both theoretical and practical lessons. Doing a pilot training course also requires a huge financial investment, which is something you definitely need to consider beforehand, if you wish to become a pilot for a commercial airline. While an education loan will help you cover the costs partly, you also need to factor in additional costs involved towards building up flying hours, buying manuals, appearing for tests etc. The approx. total fees one will need to spend will be upwards of 25 – 30 lakhs overall.

Alternatively, you may consider becoming a pilot in the armed forces, through the NDA academy wherein you will not incur any fees but are required to serve a certain number of years (8 to 10, depending on your rank) before you can leave to become a commercial pilot.

The path is tough, but easy for those determined to conquer it.

To become a pilot you also need to ensure, that you are mentally & physically fit and have good academic skills in both mathematics & physics. It also requires good communication and people handling skills and the ability to be calm and take tough decisions under stressful conditions.  This is the reason, those aspiring to be a pilot are asked to take a career guidance test and understand if they have the right personality, aptitude and attitude for it.

You would ideally start your career as a trainee pilot and then move on to being a co-pilot and finally the post of a flight commander.  As a pilot you can expect a remuneration of 1 lakh onwards per month depending on your technical skills, seniority and experience.

Career options range from flying for domestic airlines, to international airlines and even for private airplanes of rich & famous personalities. Many non-flying career options are also available to people looking for careers in the aviation industry, such as flying school instructors and senior management positions with the airlines in flight operations, route planning and administration etc.

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