Career and Job: The Two Companions of Modern Education

Career and Job – As Generation Z student, you come across these two terms on a daily basis. On your way to school or college or back at home or in a family gathering, your ears have by now become quite accustomed with these two words. But, when you think about a career or a job, do you realize how these two are different from each other? Or, is there any difference at all?

Before we get into details, let me share a common perception, rather a wrong perception that exists in everyone’s mind. We all think that a good job means a good career and a person who does not manage to get a job; it would be the end of his or her career. In fact, last week I came across a final year college student who was quite confused about her future. And all that she asked me was, “I cannot understand which career is good for me and which job is applicable for my skills and qualification.” If you minutely notice, she has used both the terms, career and job in her question. And, she is not wrong.

It is a common observance that today, most students (school or college), teachers and even the principals associate these two terms together in a manner as if one is incomplete without the other. In short, they relate career with jobs and vice-versa. But the sad thing is that people especially students are not aware about the huge difference that lie between the allies. So, the question is how is career not related only to job?

Difference between a Career and a Job:

  • Firstly, career is a long-term concept whereas job is a short-term concept. This means a series of jobs make a career. Some people have steady consistent career where they do the same job, possess equal interest in all professional duties and make money out of it. On the other hand, there are also people having a diverse career, meaning, they start their work life in one sector and gradually move into another. After few years into varied occupations, they make a diverse career. Here, their interest varies and so their jobs.

For e.g., Person A who starts working with telecom companies and in the later years also finds himself/herself working in the same sector. And there’s another person B who steps into media world and in later years joins institutions and colleges to teach media students.

  • Career is your ultimate objective. To fulfill these objectives, you need to have a job. So, if you aspire for a business career, you must have your own business, which will be your job. To achieve a career in business management, you have to start by working as marketing or client servicing personnel and gradually proceed into higher designations. Again, if you want to get into business analytics, software trainee shall be your first designation. This will further take you on to software analyst, big data analyst and so on.

From this, it is quite evident that a series of tasks or professional duties will form your career. At any time, your interests may change which will take you to some other sectors. Yes, you have to start from the bottom; however, you will make a diverse career.

  • Career is a lifestyle you choose. When we say job, we only refer to the present working profile of a person which also includes his/her income. However, the very mention of career throws light on the experience, skills and lifestyle earned during work life. Therefore, choosing the right job is essential for a consistently successful career.

For e.g. if you choose to be a doctor, you choose a lifestyle that needs you to be available for sick patients at any hour. If you do not have the will to help people by treating them when they need it, you will find yourself in the wrong career.

The Bottom Line?

Wrapping it up, the ultimate thing is to aim for a good career and then look for relevant jobs that can help you build your career. Only then, you can land into a good work life and make a successful career ahead. It may so happen that you’ll have to switch jobs to achieve your ambitions and reach your destination. Never mind. Keep going and always be consistent and focused on all endeavours of your career. Good Luck!

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