Career guidance is important to avoid costly career mistakes

Career Guidance Tests: Avoid Costly Career Mistakes

Today, thanks to the internet revolution, national and international borders are no longer relevant. This is especially true when it comes to following ones dreams and goals, career wise. The most significant aspect of the internet revolution being, the opening of global work opportunities to anyone capable and suitable for it. If you have it in you, then the global dream is not far from you. This makes it very important, to undergo proper career guidance, at an early age in order to avoid costly career mistakes later.

Economic prosperity or a privileged social status is not the prerogative of just one or two professional streams. With proper career guidance, one can easily select the best career option in which one can be successful. As they say, if you have the  talent, then the world will provide you with all the tools and opportunities to succeed. You could be hired across the border or simply decide to use your talent to create a successful startup at home. Apart from traditional career streams, one can now also select from careers such as a sports person, chef, writer or even a musician to achieve the prosperity, one desires.

Making a career choice.

Unlike yesteryear’s, career choices today no longer depend on the type of grades one has got or or the profession that was followed by your friend or lucky relative. The times, where one’s career decisions depended on what was followed by the neighbours child, recommended by parents or peers is now over. A career choice should largely depend on the skill and talent one has been gifted. It is basically, about what you are good at or what is your passion.

Today career choices, start with first identifying your real self with the help of skill assessment tests or career guidance tests. These tests help an individual separate between what one likes and what one is capable of doing. Research says that most people get directed to a particular profession due to the presence of a role model in one’s surroundings, which could be the internet environment as well. At the young age, when one is studying in 9th or 10th standard, good looks or glamour around the role model often clouds one’s ability to make the right career choice.

The need for professional career guidance

Another aspect that is found misleading, most youngsters into wrong career choices is that they almost always overlook the fact that the traits one’s role model may have, can be vastly different from those that he possesses. This could lead to unsatisfaction in ones career choice and even failure at a later stage. Luckily, today there are personality, skill and aptitude tests available to bridge this gap and avert the time consuming, costly career mistakes just in time. These tests help one decide if one truly has the skills required to say, become an airline pilot, a writer or a teacher. The best part is that, such tests can be taken at an early stage well before the crucial time of career decision arrives. The Personality, Aptitude & Interest tests aspect of career guidance tests, help young students understand their true capabilities from the three-dimensional perspective.

The personality traits of an individual are based on the environment, he grows up in. The other dimension that the tests analyze is the personal aptitude.  The aptitude refers to the skills one is born with or have acquired over a period. Besides this, the 3rd dimension, the career guidance tests check for is one’s real interest areas. The tests help individual differentiate between perceived interest areas against real interest areas.

Remember each success story is unique and success can never be copied or repeated!! As per Ophrah Winfrey, the definition of luck has a scientific connotation. According to her luck happens is when preparation meets opportunity. It means almost anyone can be successful if one hones the right skill. The first step towards success, hence is to know oneself better with the help of skill assessment tests and professional career guidance.

Only then will the world be your oyster.

My Disha is a career guidance counselling platform, that helps you select the right career. Check out our other blog post on How you can get success to chase you throughout your life, instead of you chasing it.

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