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Career after Engineering – IT – Other Than Joining an MNC

Career after engineering especially IT stream is a widely discussed topic in India. A bachelor degree in Information Technology is a three year comprehensive professional program for the individuals, who aspire to make their career in significantly booming IT sector. The course emphasizes on authentically critical subjects including software analysis, databases study, networking and programming.

The degree is known by the name, B.Sc. IT or BCA or B. Sc Computer Science, and focuses over the various theoretical and practical foundations for distinguished technologies. An individual is awarded with the degree on completion of the program in the mentioned specialized fields:

  • Software analyzing
  • Software development
  • Programming
  • Software Engineering

There are various stupendous MNC job options for which you can apply after the successful accomplishment of the program. Nevertheless, the other way could be to opt for further research and development by dedicating some additional time.

Career after Engineering – Opportunities

The most prevalent career after engineering enables you to have a perfect idea of critical professional bustles inside different business joints and mammoth IT set ups. Let’s have a look on the best jobs prospects:

  • IT Consultant
  • Cloud Architect
  • Computer Forensic Investigator
  • IT Health Expert
  • Software Engineer and Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Support Specialist

Apart from the mentioned options, there is always a section of highly enthusiastic and self-motivating IT graduates, who wish to go beyond the conventional career modes. They desire to work on their own terms with different incredible innovative work ideas.

Let’s highlight the exuberantly prolific career possibilities other than joining an MNC for an IT designation

Mobile Apps Developer

Today mobile markets are heavily loaded with different incredible applications, still you discover a big number of new apps arrive on the unanimously appreciated mobile platforms every month. You might need to work in a team to focus on your idea of a credible app development, and finally reveal to a recognized business joint after getting it registered. If you really possess this stupendous caliber, then sky is the limit for your professional growth. You might start as a freelancer and then form a small squad according to your business gratifications.

Web Developer

Web development is one of the most volatile and incredibly expanding businesses, as every progressing and newly established small trade centre wishes to target its online consumers for business growth and expansion. Web developers are considered as jack of all trades as they can craft different web applications, web pages and even organize impressive business oriented web content.

They require being stupendously proficient on various web languages such as HTML and JavaScript. Developing a website demands a good creative knowledge of designing, and even marketing. You can start the profession as an intern in a big set up and after having a good understanding of web market, you can even start working independently.

Hardware Consultant

The profession requires a genuine knowledge of various cardinal hardware that are required to run different professional work stations. Troubleshooting, fixing a damaged item and installing new products are the key responsibilities. You ought to be tech-savvy and must have a close eye over the newly launched techniques for revolutionizing gadgets.

A bachelor degree in Information Technology enables you to acquire predominant career skills. All you need is to focus on the long run productive professional prospects. All options for career after engineering mentioned above could be really fruitful but there is no harm in getting some experience before starting an independent system.

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