Campus to Corporate: The Beginning of Professional Journey

Every graduate goes through a transition while moving from campus to corporate, i.e. when moving from college to work life. Though this transition is smooth if the candidate has the skills to get employed, but it becomes difficult if the candidate does not have the basic skills to get employed. To get employed, one needs to have essential workplace competencies such as communication, problem solving, time management, etc. To grow in the area of employment, the job and candidate need to be compatible. Where education seems to undertake a fairly decent job on providing knowledge, on the other hand there is a huge gap in the workplace competencies possessed by and expected from the candidates, and personality-fitment in a career is hardly ever given a thought.

For e.g., I may be a bright student scoring well throughout my engineering course, but if I lack the required workplace competencies of communication and time management, I will not be able to perform well in the organisation. At the same time, if you are a creative person and take up a job that does not let you work creatively; you will end up getting frustrated over a period of time which will not be good for your mental health.

For a candidate who has completed graduation and is looking for a job, working in an organisation is a significant new phase. This needs a planned approach to be effective as a fresher. It is important that planning for this transition must take into account the individual desires and goals of the young aspirants. The objective of planning should ensure that the candidate owns the necessary skills to work efficiently in the corporate environment. In order to have a better professional journey, capability to comprehend and concentrate on strengths needs to be developed.

Though skills and knowledge would assist students to become employable, the absence of an empowering attitude might turn employability into a short lived experience. Depending on the experiences in diverse organizations, there are certain common pitfalls observed in the candidate’s behaviour when they arrive onboard in the corporate world. Due to this, a lot of focus on the ‘right workplace attitude’ should be made to candidates moving from campus to corporate.

As per research, the achievement in the transition period will impose a prominent impact on characteristics like salary, job satisfaction, career advancement and capability to have cordial relationships inside the organization.  It is obvious that the number of years spent in college is far lesser than the number of years one spends in a corporate. This is the reason why one should recognize how to accomplish one’s time professionally to make a strong stand in the corporate world.

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